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Be gone, fraudy feelings 💨

published9 months ago
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Happy Wednesday – your new favorite email day.

Why? Because Wednesday is the day you’ll be receiving an issue of Bosscraft, straight to your inbox.

Bosscraft is your weekly dose of mindset, balance, and productivity – a curated collection of resources to help you own your own story and build your vision of success in international development.

The craft of bossness, if you will.

We’ll be here each week with a little dose of what we know will help you show up, without losing yourself in the mission-driven work. Plus, we’ll keep you in the loop on the latest news, events, and more here at Bid Boss.

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Let’s do a little check in, shall we? It seems totally appropriate given everything that is happening in the world. We wanted to welcome you to this newsletter with a splash! Then we got earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, along with so much more.

Now all we want to know is, are you OK?

We know bosses are spread across the US and world, so if your area has been hit by a natural disaster, hit reply and let us know how you’re doing.

And now that we know 2021 is a total jerk (just like its awful cousin, 2020) we’re going to do our best to muster up some big magic for the rest of the year, starting with some work from the inside out.


Have you been on the fence about taking the next step in your career? Feeling unsure if you are ready to take on a new challenge? Well consider this your sign from the Universe to get your butt in gear and GO FOR IT. It's time to let go of your self-doubt and just start making moves, making decisions, putting yourself and your amazing energy out into the world.

Clearly we only have one life to live, so don’t waste one more precious day wondering if you have what it takes. You do, and here’s how to make your head catch up to your heart.

Feeling unqualified? Here are 4 very important reminders. (article)

Superpowers. Discover them, own them, be more yourself. (podcast)

Start fresh. Because new beginnings don't have to come at the start of the year. (yoga video)

Ditch perfectionism. It’s keeping you from success. (article)

Inner critic? You might just be realistic, but you’ve got to be able to tell the difference. (video)


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