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Bid Boss June Newsletter ✨ Navigating the reshuffle

published17 days ago
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Hey there Reader,

When we surveyed over 75 of our peers working in business development back in January, we expected to see a reflection of the great reshuffle happening across industries. What we found?

Even more concerning. Just over 50% of business development folks surveyed changed jobs in 2021 and of those who had started and ended 2021 in the same role, 65.9% said that they were either actively job seeking or considering looking for a different job in 2022.

This shouldn't be too surprising, given how much the global pandemic has led to many of us re-examining our priorities and re-considering what we really want out of our professional lives.

The most common reasons for job seeking we found are the bane of any HR department, because they are so challenging to address - unrealistic workloads, dysfunctional workplace dynamics, and difficulties navigating work/life balance.

Even pre-pandemic we saw humanitarian and development organizations struggle to hold on to business development talent. Particularly at the mid-level, the best people were incredibly in-demand, making it hard to fill job postings. Today, the problem has seemingly tripled, leading more and more of our clients to explore their option for long-term business development support to cover staffing gaps.

While we are happy to jump in to support, what we really want is for organizations to recognize the challenges of life in BD and craft retention strategies that acknowledge these realities. It may not have an immediate ROI, but the long-term rewards of right-sizing BD team workloads and investing in mid-level managers will set your organization up for better win rates and lower turnover.

The BD teams that are shifting their approach to staff care and retention are already starting to see benefits, so the question is simple - is your team going to choose to keep up or fall behind?


Sara Jane Baublitz & Whitney Kippes

Helping international development professionals win more and avoid burnout.

PS: Also genuinely so excited to be celebrating the launch of our first self-directed course, An Overview of Color Team Reviews, which is based on how we've seen international development organizations adapt the classic Shipley model to fit our industry. Click to start today!

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